I started The Big Bang Theory today.  I’ve had the first season DVD boxed set given to me by a good friend back at Christmas time, and it’s just been sitting in “The Stack” since then.  The recent catch-up of How I Met Your Mother has left me with a gap in my life, a gap of Ha-Ha and Hee-Hee and “Oh-my-god-that’s-terrible”, and I’ve been eager to fill that void.  But with HIMYM still a few months away from returning, and a number of folks suggesting that I start the show, I decided to go ahead and give a look at The Big Bang Theory.



Now, I’m only four episodes in right now, but I’m having a hard time seeing what everyone loves.  So I come to the fans to ask your help.  Does The Big Bang Theory ever get funny?  Because after four episodes, it’s not just “ho-hum”.  It’s downright painful.  Help me out here, Film Tangent members and Remember When listeners, because I’m ready to bail already.  Hit the jump, if you please.

Oh sure, you’re probably saying that the same thing happened with my initial reception of How I Met Your Mother.  Not so, actually! With HIMYM, there was a general absence of awesomeness at first, although a few of the jokes had me chuckling.  Once it hit The Pineapple Incident, the awesomeness started showing up.  And then, of course, by the time I got to Slap Bet, that show was firing on all thrusters.

Here, at the start of The Big Bang Theory, it’s just painful.  These first two episodes made me wince a few times at the really, really bad jokes.  It’s like they took the Geek cliche and ran it into the ground.  Then, when it finished running them into the ground, it put the car in reverse and ran over them again a few times, just to make sure they were dead.  Then they pulled them off the ground, shoved their face in the dirt, and left them for dead.


So internet, I come to you again with a favor to ask.  Convince me if I should stay with The Big Bang Theory, or if people are just blowing smoke up my toucas.

Is there a point where this show just starts to hum on all cylinders? Should I wait until I get to a specific episode before casting judgment (and, heavens willing, is that episode SOON-ish)?  Is this just the kind of humor it has, and I need to accept it?  Or some combination thereof?

Help me out here, folks.  I come to you and ask you honestly:  Does The Big Bang Theory get better?