Yeah, we know.  It’s been a while since we announced the details on Remember When Episode 37… and it’s been longer still since we recorded an episode.  Well, that’s about to change.

First, let’s talk about the bad news.  We may or may not be talking about Some Kind of Wonderful on our next podcast.  While I’ve watched it, absorbed it, and have a fair bit to say about it… well, I’ll be honest.  It felt kind of weird going from a discussion about a movie like Inception (which is a weighty, thoughtful movie) to talking about something like Some Kind of Wonderful (which is…. not those same things).

So the bad news:  We’re changing up the “Great Movie Jay Has Never Seen” this week, and instead focusing on Dreamscape.  It just fits the whole Dream Adventure motif a lot better.  Now, that’s not to say we are EXCLUDING Some Kind of Wonderful from the show.  It might come up.  It might not.  But after 3 weeks of not talking about it with each other, Parris and I are CLAMORING to discuss Inception.  Seriously.  Do you know what it’s like to not talk to one of your best friends for three weeks about one of the most hyped movies of the year?  It’s agony, sheer torture, the likes of which the Geneva Conventions seeks to prevent.

Now, let’s get to the good news, and answer the most important question on your mind:  When the f**k is this episode finally getting released?

Well kids, you’re just days away from Remember When Episode 37.  We’re going to be recording LIVE on Friday, August 6th at 2pm Pacific.  You’ll be able to listen in as we talk about Inception and Dreamscape, then tangent off into the great unknown.  Could we end up meandering into another green zone?  It’s possible.  If you know us, you know our discussions have ADD. Besides, True Blood S3 has been…. well…. crap, let’s not talk about it now.  I don’t want to get worked up.

Of course, that means the published podcast will hit your streams a few days later.

So, join us on Friday!  We’re chomping at the bit, and you might be surprised to hear what I hated about Inception.

… or did I hate it?

Friday.  Be there, AND be square.  🙂