Just a quick note to say how sorry we are with the delay in our latest podcast.

To say that we’re eager to talk about Doctor Who and Torchwood is an understatement.  The knowledge that Parris has mostly caught up with Doctor Who has left me an extremely eager co-host, waiting to hear what he thinks of the various seasons and companions.  And Parris is having a tough time keeping the lid on his feelings and opinions about the show.

Unfortunately, although we had plans to bring you the show last week, Parris picked up the flu and was down for the count during our regular recording schedule.  What’s worse, he found out this past Monday that he was going to need emergency oral surgery.   Just yesterday, he was at the hospital having that done.

The good news is, his surgery went well, and despite a little pain, he’s expected to make a smooth recovery in short order.  As soon as he’s able to talk again, we’re going to have our microphones out and recording.  We know how much our show delays can frustrate our fans, so we hope you’ll be understanding.  Sometimes, life just gets in the way.  And by “life”, I mean “a doctor’s scalpel”.

But we’re going to be back soon with the show.  We also have content for the website next week!  I’ll be giving you my final recap on what I thought of Dinner for Schmucks, I let you know what I thought of the first season of The Big Bang Theory (I’m almost done) and we’ll chat about the fall TV season (holy crap, it looks terrible).

So please know that we haven’t forgotten you, and our neglect is unintentional. Life’s just been crazy. We’re still here, we’re not going away, and we’ll be back in short order starting on Monday.  🙂