After a long and unintended hiatus due to medical issues beyond our control, Remember When is FINALLY making a return tomorrow night.  That’s Tuesday, October 19th.  We’ll be recording at 10pm Pacific, and as always, our podcast recording will be broadcast live on Ustream.

Tomorrow night’s episode will be covering the Fall TV season, with a healthy dose of conversation about Mad Men, True Blood, some of our summer favorites, and our thoughts on the general Fall TV lineup and what we’re watching.  It’s going to be a fun hour, with two friends sitting back down in front of their microphones, talking about what they love and getting caught up about something they’re passionate about.

If you’re wondering about our Doctor Who discussion, it’s still coming.  It won’t be covered in tomorrow night’s episode.  We actually have a Very Special Announcement to make about our upcoming chats about Doctor Who and Torchwood, so listen in tomorrow night for the details.

Thank you so much for your patience, the kind words you’ve sent us via email, Facebook, and Twitter, and the messages we get in our voicemail.  We hope you can join us tomorrow night!