After an unintentional hiatus due to real life, we’re pleased to bring you the glorious return of the Remember When podcast!

Although we promised you a Doctor Who & Torchwood episode, we’re pushing that off slightly.  At the top of the show, we explain why we’re postponing our venture into the realm of British sci-fi, and why the delay means better things for our listeners.

We spend the rest of Episode 40 talking about our views on other TV shows, both spectacular and spectacularly bad.  First up, we cover the third season of True Blood.  With the series finale airing last month, we look back at the season overall and discuss the elements we loved, the pieces that failed miserably, and what we think needs to be fixed before Alan Ball and the cast and crew start working on the fourth season.

Then we take a long awaited dive into the deep end of Mad Men.  Jay’s finally caught up with the show, and as AMC puts the fourth season to bed, we take a comprehensive look into the first few years of the show, talk about Jay’s experiences with getting invested in this AMC marvel, and Parris’ viewpoints on the complexities of the Draper family, and why they’re so fascinating to watch.  We talk about some of the unsung heroes of the show, our favorite moments, and why this can be a tough sell for new viewers.

We spend the last 30 minutes of the show working our way through the Fall season.  It’s been a lamentable slate of releases over the past few months, with early cancellations and very few stand out shows.  We talk about why this Fall TV season seems like one of the worst in recent history, some of the early standouts for us, and more.  We also discuss the remainder of episodes for Remember When in 2010, and the Big Movies we’re tackling at the start of 2011.

It’s a show filled with loads of tangents, as you’ve come to expect. The audio quality may be slightly off at points.  We apologize for that, and will work to have that fixed for our upcoming Doctor Who episodes.

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Start to 8:45 – Show intro, explanation of Doctor Who & Torchwood delay
8:45 to 16:07 – True Blood Season 3 (filled with spoilers)
16:07 to 23:08 – Recent stinkers on TV, looking back on Heroes and The Shield, as well as some Rubicon chat (almost no spoilers)
23:08 to 48:57 – Mad Men (filled with spoilers through all seasons)
48:57 to 1:22:35 – The Fall TV season (minimal spoilers, though we call them out ahead of time)
1:22:35 to End – Upcoming schedule for Remember When, Toy Story talk, and wrap up