Who We Are

We’d love to offer you tales about Dark, Stormy Nights, where a sacred ring was carried across thousands of miles in order to save the world from the worst kind of evil imaginable.  But in truth, Film Tangent was created by two guys with a passion for TV Shows, Movies, DVDs, and other media outlets.

It all started with our old video game podcast.  In the middle of one of our recordings, we had a mad tangent off into our respective pop culture pasts, talking about Transformers and Voltron.  Rather than edit it out, we left it in the final show for the fun of it, figuring that it would make one or two people chuckle.

How wrong we were!  Our inboxes were flooded with messages from people, telling us how much they enjoyed the tangents and that they wanted them to be a part of the regular show.  But rather than fill a video game podcast with talk about Movies and TV shows, we split it off into its own creation.  And thus, we gave birth to Remember When in 2008.

Now, two years later, the podcast has become a big hit with a lot of people.  It’s featured regularly on the “New & Notable” and “What’s Hot” categories on iTunes, and we have listeners on almost every continent. Our goal with FilmTangent is to bring you more of what makes Remember When great.  Just two guys, talking about what they love in TV shows and movies.  Sometimes, with no real connection from one idea to the next one.  After all, we love the tangents.

Parris Lilly is the co-founder of Film Tangent and the Remember When podcast. Currently residing in Temecula California with his wife and three children, Parris found his love for cinema and anime in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  He’s a huge fan of The Shaw Brothers, Hayao Miyazaki, Shinciro Watanabe, Quentin Tarantino, Michael Mann, Joss Whedon, Mamoru Oshii, Martin Scorsese and Brian De Palma.

A self professed Cowboy Bebop nut, Parris has also been known to put on a Browncoat and travel the Verse in an attempt to find out exactly “What is the Matrix?”

Stay shiny!

Jay Van Beveren, co-founder of Film Tangent and the Remember When podcast, fell in love with TV at a young age, and hasn’t looked back since.  His mother swears that he used to scream “Come on down!” during episodes of The Price is Right, and could guess the price of a bottle of Tide without going over by the age of 3.

Since then, Jay’s gone well beyond the limit of daytime game shows, falling in love with Science Fiction films, Joss Whedon outings, Family Guy, Christopher Nolan, Russell T Davies, The Office, Torchwood, How I Met Your Mother, and so many other shows.

Jay spends as much time as possible catching up on movies and TV shows he missed in his younger days, leading to some of the best episodes of Remember When ever produced.