Remember When – Episode 50


Got any bubble gum?

OBEY!  CONSUME!  And most of all, kick a**.  The leading themes in “They Live”, John Carpenter’s cult film from the 80’s, bring us back into a new episode of Remember When.  Parris has never seen this little gem of cinema before, and takes time to sit down and watch Rowdy Roddy Piper in one of his greatest performances of all time.  We talk about how the movie holds up over the past 25 years, and how some of its themes have become far more relevant in modern times than they were when the movie first released.

Parris comes back from his viewing of Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter with an admission of his own, and Jay talks about how a second viewing of Prometheus helped to alleviate his ambivalence towards the movie.  Both of us have had second helpings of The Avengers as well, and we spend some time talking about the state of Superhero movies in the industry.

Then we progress into a series of fun, wild tangents through the state of TV as we get caught up on the ending of Mad Men, the sad progression of the latest season of True Blood, and the teasers for the new seasons of The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.

Episode 51 is coming in a few weeks and will be dedicated to one of the summer’s most anticipated blockbuster titles.  Tune in on the weekend of the 21st for our in-depth analysis of The Lorax!  Or maybe we’ll take our time and see something less amusing

As we do every episode, we’d like to take this opportunity to give thanks to our many fans who encourage us, support us, and share their appreciation for the show. Remember When is a product of love, and we do this because of all the wonderful people in our listenership who share our passions, who agree and disagree with us, and then offer to buy us a drink if we’re ever in their town. Thank you to all of you.

Between shows, we keep up with fans on our Facebook page, through our Twitter account, or on the web at … well… right here!

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Time stamps:

0:00 to 4:55 – Intro, show notes
4:55 to 16:40 – They Live (lots of spoilers for the movie)
16:40 to 23:28 – Parris’ confession about Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter (spoiler laden)
23: 28 to 34:50 – Jay’s second viewing of Prometheus, and talk about the Blu-ray release (again, lots of spoilers)
34:50 to 38:52 – Breaking Bad, Joss Whedon, Cabin in the Woods, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (very minor spoilers)
38:52 to 46:00 – Brave, Monsters University trailer and the overall state of Pixar (minor spoilers for Monsters Inc and a few other Pixar movies, but none for Brave)
46:00 to 53:22 – True Blood (lots of spoilers for this season)
53:22 to 1:03:50 – Closing out the Mad Men season (lots of spoilers)
1:03:50 to end – The Walking Dead, more Breaking Bad, The Shield, Insomnia, Chris Nolan (incredibly minor spoilers)

Remember When – Episode 46


The Starvation Games

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you.  We’re back with a brand new, fresh episode of Remember When… less than two weeks since the last one!  It may seem like an April Fools Joke but trust us, there’s nothing to laugh at here…

Well, not unless you count The Hunger Games.  After watching the hit movie, we have some pretty strong opinions we want to voice about how underwhelming of an experience The Hunger Games was, and how we wish there had been a better chance to emotionally connect with the movie and its characters.  This section is filled with spoilers, but if you listen and have the movie ruined for you… we might be doing you a favor.

Then we progress into some continued discussions on the upcoming summer movies as we talk about the new trailer for the Total Recall remake, the new Prometheus trailer and our excitement for this new Ridley Scott endeavor (as well as our concerns about it) and Parris’ love for Charlize Theron in both Prometheus and the new Snow White Movie

We end the show with a discussion on the Walking Dead, Mad Men, and a chat about piracy and the logic behind “cutting the cable cord”.  It’s a fun and interesting talk.

As always, you can find us on Twitter, on Facebook, and on the web. Or, if you’d like to leave us feedback, you can call us at 206-495-1732 or email us at Thanks, and enjoy the show!

Download this episode now, or grab the RSS feed and become a regular listener.

Time stamps provided for spoiler purposes. Please note that we do tangent occasionally, and may have other spoilers in between:


Time Stamps

0:00 – 25:36 – The Hunger Games (with plenty of spoilers)

25:36 – 43:10 – Parris’ new confession, lots of movie trailer talk (including Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Anchorman 2, GI Joe 2, the new Snow White movie, Prometheus, Total Recall, and more)

43:10 – End – TV Catchup, a discussion on content piracy, and when it makes sense to “Cut the cable cord”.  (spoilers on the 5th season pilot for Mad Men, pretty mild spoilers on the Walking Dead finale, and a bunch of tangents otherwise)

Jay’s spoiler-free take on TRON Legacy, in less than 400 words


TRON Legacy isn’t Shakespeare.

The reviews for the latest take on the legacy of Flynn and his electronic grid are less than kind.  Reading some of them, you’d expect this movie to be on par with one of the worst movies ever.  Even my companion to the midnight launch last night compared the movie’s suckitude to The Matrix Revolutions, a declaration which kind of surprised me.

So let me just say, TRON Legacy isn’t Shakespeare.  It’s not a Movie of the Year contender.  Instead, it’s just fun.

If you go into the movie only expecting a 2 hour piece of entertainment, you’ll probably walk out very happy.  That’s how I approached the movie, and I left the theater pleased.  TRON Legacy is fun.  It’s loud, it’s shiny, and it’s one of the best uses of your movie theater’s subwoofer since the Inception soundtrack.  The writing isn’t the best, and the acting has some issues.

TRON Legacy is like the Michael Bay film for geeks.  The explosions are big and beautiful, the sound effects are well crafted, the set work will impress you, and the special effects are a work of art.  Daft Punk’s soundtrack is like sex for your ears. I’d even go so far as to say that TRON Legacy is one of the best uses of 3D in a while.  And although the script work is questionable at best, the writers at least deserve credit for ditching the PC acronyms as character names.

It’s not perfect and it has its problems, CLU being the biggest of them.  I also think the trailers have painted a terrible picture of Legacy being this massively epic sci-fi piece on a similar scale as The Matrix, which is a woefully inaccurate comparison and an unattainable bar for any movie.

If you’re a TRON fan, you’ll see lots of background references to the original film (Space Paranoids, anyone?).  If you’ve never seen the original, go see Legacy anyway, because it gives you a great synopsis of the events from its predecesor.  But whoever you are, if you go see Legacy, just go with a good time in mind, and make no heavy demands of it. You’ll probably find the right level of entertainment. Then again, I’m the guy who liked The A-Team. 😉

Oh, and biggest surprise of the night?  I kinda loved the trailer for Cars 2.  No joke.

Jay’s final verdict on Dinner for Schmucks


Yeah, I know.  I’m long overdue with my recap on “Dinner for Schmucks”.  I saw the movie a few weeks ago, and I’ve been meaning to come back and tell you my thoughts.  I’d love to tell you that the delay was because I took some deep, introspective journey into my own psyche as I questioned the deep, existential message that this movie offered.

Truth is, I just got busy with work.  The season of video games is just around the corner, and that means more and more long nights for me.  C’est la vie, though.  There are worse problems to have.

Anyway, let’s talk Schmucks.  In case you forgot, I let the Internet decide if I should see the movie or not.  And after their votes suggested paying to see this in the theater (the full priced theater, at that), I submitted to the will of the people.

The truth is, it’s not half bad; the problem is, it’s also not that good.

That sentence is the best summation you’ll get out of me.  You can read more about the movie in my spoiler-free elaboration after the break, detailing what the movie did wrong, and the two things it does right.


Jay vs. Parris on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


I know a few folks have been asking, so let me put the rumors to rest:

Yes, I’ve seen Scott Pilgrim.
And yes, Parris has seen it as well.

And now that we’ve both seen it, a battle royale begins. You see, I loved it.  I thought it was awesome and a ton of fun.  Parris hated it, on the other hand, and came close to walking out.

Now, I’d love to tell you more about why I loved this movie (because, as a fan of comics, video games, and movies, this was just a hoot and a half for me to watch), but where’s the fun in that?

So consider yourselves warned.  A new episode of Remember When may be on the horizon MUCH sooner than you think. 😉

Should Jay go see “Dinner for Schmucks”? You decide!


If you listen to the show, you probably know that I really like Steve Carell.   As a fan of The Office (well, the first five years anyway…), he was progressively more awesome as Michael Scott, the head of Dunder Mifflin Scranton.  And he’s been great in his feature films, as well.

OK, well… maybe not Evan Almighty.  Or Get Smart.

But you have to admit, the dude’s funny.  He was great in The 40 Year Old Virgin, and his brief bits in Bruce Almighty were just top notch.  His “Even Stephen/Steven” sketches on The Daily Show are always worth a good laugh.  And even if you dislike Anchorman, you probably find yourself appreciating Steve Carell as Brick.

I’ve been somewhat curious about his latest movie, “Dinner with Schmucks”.  It’s based on a French film by the creator of La Cage Aux Follies (or as you probably saw it in American theaters, The Birdcage) and it’s directed by Jay Roach.  You know him best as the producer of Borat, the Director of Meet The Parents, and the Director of Austin Powers.   Paul Rudd’s usually worth a good laugh too.  And I even liked the Zach Galifialiafiafknivais (sp?) stuff that I saw in the trailer.  He was great on SNL, and I hear he’s good in The Hangover.

So I’ve been curious.  Not eager.  Not enthusiastic.  Just… intrigued.  Intrigued by the possibilities of what this movie could offer, and how it might turn out.  And I mentioned this to Parris in an email earlier this week.

This was his response.

I’d type it out, but trust me.  It’s funnier if you click the link and see it in the exact same way I saw it in my Inbox.

I’ve had some bad luck with movies lately (Salt) and some good luck as well (The A-Team).  But on this one, the critics are divided, early opinions are mixed, and my curiousity in the movie has wanted to a general interest, with no real push to see it.

So, fans, I leave this one in your hands.  After the jump, you can check out a trailer for the movie and vote in a poll.  I’ll take votes until Monday.  Come Monday night, I’ll close the poll and follow your command.  That’s right, folks!  You’re controlling my fate.  I’m very curious to see what people think about this movie based on the trailers and commercials.


“Salt” is one of the worst movies of 2010. And possibly ever.


I’d like to think that I have a high tolerance for bad movies, largely because there are a variety of levels of “bad”.

There are movies that know they’re bad, that relish the fact that they’re poorly produced, and just embrace that fact as much as possible (Snakes on a Plane).  There are movies that are so bad that they’re cheesy, yet still have some endearing qualities (Demolition Man).  There are movies so bad that they offend your general sensibilities and you can’t watch them (I walked out after 30 minutes of Cop Out).

And then there are the train wrecks.  The ones that start bad.  And then get worse.  These are the movies where you can’t bear to look away. You find yourself transfixed.  You stare at the screen, wondering when a movie will hit rock bottom, thinking it’s gotten there… and then it just keeps going.  These are the movies where you wonder how, in their right minds, a director, studio executive, or someone in the film’s creative process didn’t say “Y’know… this is crap.”.

Salt is one of those movies.

At roughly 35 minutes into Salt, I had to bite the piece of skin between my thumb and forefinger.  I was laughing so hard that I was afraid I might disturb the other patrons, and was trying to get myself to stop.  Because there is no intentional comedy in Salt.  Nothing is played for laughs.  Salt tries to be this serious movie.  And instead, what you get is one of the worst films this year.

I’m going to tell you more about Salt after the jump, and there are a few specific mentions of the movie included.  I wouldn’t call them “Spoilers”, because I’m not really trying to ruin anything. I just want to do my civic duty.


Holy cow! The new Tron Legacy trailer rocks


Ever since I saw the first trailer earlier this year, I’ve been really eager to see Tron Legacy.  The initial teaser didn’t do much for me, but seeing the 3D trailer in front of Alice in Wonderland had me practically wetting myself.  I honestly thought Disney had outdone themselves when I saw that.

As it turns out, I was wrong.  The latest trailer manages to be a lot more dark and intense, and for me, it’s turned the anticipation for Tron Legacy from “Oooh, that looks SO good” to something more akin to “OHMIGAWD IS IT HERE YET?!?!?!!!!111oneone”.  This movie looks incredible, and the CG version of younger Jeff Bridges is practically mind blowing, even if the lip syncing is a slight bit off.

Disney looks to have another hit on their hands with Tron Legacy, which is amazing considering that the first film wasn’t a spectacular hit.  Even more interesting, they had Pixar help with the creative process of this film, with both Brad Bird and John Lassiter (among many other Pixar alum) offering a hand with the development of this remake.

We’re planning a major Tron episode for Remember When, due out in very late December.  In Remember When time, that comes out to something along the lines of early January.  I’ve never seen the original Tron before (seriously), so we’ll feature that as a Great Movie Jay Has Never Seen and discuss the original movie from the 80’s, then follow it up with a discussion on this latest piece of flashiness.

Are you interested in the Tron Legacy release?  Let us know your thoughts!

Jay’s summer film confession (a.k.a. “You saw WHAT?!?”)


Earlier this week, I went and saw a movie.  It was one of the more daring experiences of the year.

Now, you’re probably saying to yourself that going to the movies is, inherently, not exactly something you can call “Daring”.  Skydiving is daring.  Bungee jumping is daring.  Riding in a Toyota is daring, for a number of reasons.  But sitting in a darkened theater with a piece of cinema?  Meh.  So let me explain.

You see, I’d been warned by at least a dozen people that seeing this movie was a bad idea.  They said the trailers looked bad, they said that the general concept of the movie was poor, and that there was NO WAY ON EARTH that this movie could have any redeeming qualities whatsoever.  Even Parris himself chided me that it would be a waste of time to see this movie.

So I’m here today to tell you something very important:  There’s a recent movie that you probably haven’t seen yet, that’s still in your local theater, and it’s totally worth your time and money.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it’s probably BETTER if you see it in the theaters, because this is one of those times when having the big screen and a nice, booming sound system makes the movie a more complete experience.  Ignore what your friends tell you about this.  Set aside your preconceived notions.  I’m here to tell you, right now, that there’s a 2010 movie you probably haven’t seen that you NEED to see, because it’s just so much fun, and so entertaining.  In fact, I had so much fun that I’m adding this into my list of Top 10 Films for 2010.

Find out what the hell I’m talking about after the break.


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