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Remember When – Episode 46


The Starvation Games

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you.  We’re back with a brand new, fresh episode of Remember When… less than two weeks since the last one!  It may seem like an April Fools Joke but trust us, there’s nothing to laugh at here…

Well, not unless you count The Hunger Games.  After watching the hit movie, we have some pretty strong opinions we want to voice about how underwhelming of an experience The Hunger Games was, and how we wish there had been a better chance to emotionally connect with the movie and its characters.  This section is filled with spoilers, but if you listen and have the movie ruined for you… we might be doing you a favor.

Then we progress into some continued discussions on the upcoming summer movies as we talk about the new trailer for the Total Recall remake, the new Prometheus trailer and our excitement for this new Ridley Scott endeavor (as well as our concerns about it) and Parris’ love for Charlize Theron in both Prometheus and the new Snow White Movie

We end the show with a discussion on the Walking Dead, Mad Men, and a chat about piracy and the logic behind “cutting the cable cord”.  It’s a fun and interesting talk.

As always, you can find us on Twitter, on Facebook, and on the web. Or, if you’d like to leave us feedback, you can call us at 206-495-1732 or email us at Thanks, and enjoy the show!

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Time stamps provided for spoiler purposes. Please note that we do tangent occasionally, and may have other spoilers in between:


Time Stamps

0:00 – 25:36 – The Hunger Games (with plenty of spoilers)

25:36 – 43:10 – Parris’ new confession, lots of movie trailer talk (including Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Anchorman 2, GI Joe 2, the new Snow White movie, Prometheus, Total Recall, and more)

43:10 – End – TV Catchup, a discussion on content piracy, and when it makes sense to “Cut the cable cord”.  (spoilers on the 5th season pilot for Mad Men, pretty mild spoilers on the Walking Dead finale, and a bunch of tangents otherwise)

Jay’s spoiler-free take on the first two episodes of “The Walking Dead”


I’ll let you in on a little secret:  When AMC sent us a screener disc with the first two episodes of The Walking Dead, I was a little concerned.

Part of that trepidation was because I’d built up this incredibly high expectation for the show.  How could I not?  It has the AMC tag on it, and their original programming has become a model for other networks on cable.  There’s high profile Hollywood talent like Frank Darabont and Gale Anne Hurd attached to the series.  And ever since the early clips at Comic-Con and the initial trailer, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the invasion of the zombies.

Plus, it’s a show about zombies, which poses a whole new set of problems.  What are the limits for a network, even a Cable TV channel, when you’re dealing with an Undead creature that feasts on human entrails and can only be killed by destroying its brain?  Will they suck it up and show you as much as possible, or will they cave and play it the easy route?

I entered The Walking Dead with fingers crossed and raised hopes.  Two hours later, when I left it, I was impressed.  AMC presents The Walking Dead as a no-holds barred TV show that’s easily on par with the rest of their original programming, and stands above the majority of other shows on TV.  It’s vivid, it’s visceral, and it’s violent, and as someone that’s squeamish, I found myself cringing more than once.  But in the end, I walked away with such a high appreciation for the show that I feel comfortable calling The Walking Dead my favorite new TV offering of 2010.

I’ve got more, spoiler-free thoughts after the break.


Early details on Remember When – Episode 39


If the image on the right doesn’t give away our show topic for Episode 39, let me entertain you with a few paragraphs of text.

Our next episode of the Remember When podcast will be focused exclusively on Doctor Who and Torchwood.  We may or may not finally get around to talking about “Some Kind of Wonderful”, the latest in Great Movies Jay Has Never Seen.  It’s tough to say.  When it comes to the Last of the Time Lords, there’s just so much content that we hate to distract you with a piddly little John Hughes movie.  There’s sci-fi talk to be had!!

Here’s what we’ll be covering, in full spoiler-y goodness:

– Doctor Who: Series 1 through Series 4 (that’s the “Series 1” from 2005 with Christopher Eccleston)

– The 2009/2010 specials featuring David Tennant

– Torchwood Seasons 1 & 2

– Torchwood: Children of Earth

While we had originally thought to include Series 5, we’ve decided to put that one on the back burner until Parris has time to catch up and get adjusted to the new cast.  Plus, putting some distance between me and Series 5 is a good thing, given my complete distaste for it.  🙂

We’re tentatively planning to record the show late next week, pending clear schedules on both our ends.  But we’re both very excited to finally, after many months, bring you our thoughts on what could arguably be some of the best science fiction on television.

Well, not counting some of the Martha episodes.

So stay tuned kids.  The day you’ve been emailing us about is upon us.  The Man from Gallifrey is about to get his day in the limelight.

Presenting “The Walking Dead” trailer (and it’s intense)


We admit it, we’re huge fans of the AMC TV lineup.  Over the past few years, the cable network has moved to the forefront of exceptional programming, with shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad.   When the network announced their new zombie-thriller, The Walking Dead, we were eager to see what they could produce.

As you probably heard us talk about on the last Remember When episode, Cable TV has become the front runner in quality TV shows.  The official trailer for The Walking Dead was released today, and if this sneak preview is any indication, then AMC’s latest show is just going to continue that trend.  The series premiere is at 10PM Eastern on October 31st.  Can we just fast forward to Halloween right now?

Torchwood U.S. gets new subtitle, release date, other cool info


At TCA earlier this week, Starz announced the first details on the U.S. version of Torchwood.

The network confirmed that the show will be called “Torchwood: The New World”, and will start airing during the Summer of 2011.  It’s a ten part miniseries being written and produced by Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner, and is loosely based on the template the pair used in their creation of the Children of Earth miniseries.

The poster you see here was featured prominently at TCA.  As to whether or not Barrowman’s returning for this series, we leave that information in the post-jump write up.  Warning:  If you haven’t watched Children or Earth, stop reading right now.  Past this point, there’s a spoiler about a key plot point in the miniseries.  It also tells you the early details on the storyline for the Starz miniseries.


The Big Bang Theory: Should I stay or should I go?


I started The Big Bang Theory today.  I’ve had the first season DVD boxed set given to me by a good friend back at Christmas time, and it’s just been sitting in “The Stack” since then.  The recent catch-up of How I Met Your Mother has left me with a gap in my life, a gap of Ha-Ha and Hee-Hee and “Oh-my-god-that’s-terrible”, and I’ve been eager to fill that void.  But with HIMYM still a few months away from returning, and a number of folks suggesting that I start the show, I decided to go ahead and give a look at The Big Bang Theory.



Now, I’m only four episodes in right now, but I’m having a hard time seeing what everyone loves.  So I come to the fans to ask your help.  Does The Big Bang Theory ever get funny?  Because after four episodes, it’s not just “ho-hum”.  It’s downright painful.  Help me out here, Film Tangent members and Remember When listeners, because I’m ready to bail already.  Hit the jump, if you please.


Jay’s latest investment – How I Met Your Mother


You’ve probably heard me mention this on Remember When before, but it’s rare for me to pick up a TV show at its launch.   What can I say?  I love easily, and after having my heart broken by Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Season 6 of LOST, Flashforward, and any number of other TV series, it’s tough for me to put my TV faith into new shows.  This invariably leads to me hearing things like “Dude, have you seen <show name>?  It’s SO great!  You have to watch it”.  In fact, for a lot of TV shows for which I consider myself a fan, I came into them late.  Firefly?  I saw it on DVD.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Reruns on FX.  Deep Space Nine?  Picked it up at the start of the third season (REALLY good call on my part).

Recently, I was looking for a good sitcom to pick up and add to my repertoire.  The Office, which used to be my “go to” show for a good laugh, has been a letdown for a season and a half. The only things making me laugh on a consistent basis are Modern Family, Chuck, and Parks & Recreation.  I decided it was time to test the sitcom waters again, and a few friends pointed me in the direction of How I Met Your Mother.

Now, I had a vague idea of what the show was about (hell, it tells you in the title!).  And I’d read a few articles about Slap Betting and the endless libido of Barney Stinson, as played by Neil Patrick Harris.  But I had no idea what this show was really about.  I mean, sure, this guy is telling a long, long, long story to his kids about how he met their mother.  But how do you sustain a show beyond that?

And so I figured, what the hell?  Neil Patrick Harris is awesome in just about anything he does, and I like Allyson Hannigan enough.  I added the first season into my Netflix queue, got the first disc, and sat down for an interesting ride.

(More after the break)


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