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Remember When – Episode 40


Remember When returns with another Special Edition episode that’s aimed squarely at your brain… your plump, delicious brain.

Episode 40 is a one-off release that we’re doing to discuss the latest in AMC’s original programming.  The Walking Dead premieres on Halloween night this year, and AMC was gracious enough to provide us with screener copies of the first two episodes before they aired.  So we’re here with a special release to talk about this series, what it means, and why you should watch it.

Because The Walking Dead hasn’t aired yet, we’ve divided the show into three separate segments.  First, we give you a spoiler-free look at the initial pair of episodes, giving you a detailed look at why we love the first two hours of The Walking Dead without ruining any of the story details for you.

After that, we jump into a spoiler-filled discussion on Days Gone By, the pilot episode of The Walking Dead.  We talk about our reactions to the initial offering, what we think worked well, and what could have improved.

Then we end the show talking about Guts, the second hour of The Walking Dead.  This is an amazing piece of television and one of the best hours of TV we’ve seen this year.  Listen in for all the spoiler-filled details.

We want to thank AMC for giving us this unique opportunity to preview The Walking Dead before its official air date.  It’s through their support that we were able to present an episode like this.

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0:00 to 15:36 – Spoiler-free discussion of The Walking Dead and our impressions of the first two episodes

15:59 to 35:36 – Spoiler-heavy discussion of “Days Gone By”, the pilot for The Walking Dead

35:36 to end – Spoiler-heavy discussion of “Guts”, the second episode of The Walking Dead

Jay’s spoiler-free take on the first two episodes of “The Walking Dead”


I’ll let you in on a little secret:  When AMC sent us a screener disc with the first two episodes of The Walking Dead, I was a little concerned.

Part of that trepidation was because I’d built up this incredibly high expectation for the show.  How could I not?  It has the AMC tag on it, and their original programming has become a model for other networks on cable.  There’s high profile Hollywood talent like Frank Darabont and Gale Anne Hurd attached to the series.  And ever since the early clips at Comic-Con and the initial trailer, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the invasion of the zombies.

Plus, it’s a show about zombies, which poses a whole new set of problems.  What are the limits for a network, even a Cable TV channel, when you’re dealing with an Undead creature that feasts on human entrails and can only be killed by destroying its brain?  Will they suck it up and show you as much as possible, or will they cave and play it the easy route?

I entered The Walking Dead with fingers crossed and raised hopes.  Two hours later, when I left it, I was impressed.  AMC presents The Walking Dead as a no-holds barred TV show that’s easily on par with the rest of their original programming, and stands above the majority of other shows on TV.  It’s vivid, it’s visceral, and it’s violent, and as someone that’s squeamish, I found myself cringing more than once.  But in the end, I walked away with such a high appreciation for the show that I feel comfortable calling The Walking Dead my favorite new TV offering of 2010.

I’ve got more, spoiler-free thoughts after the break.


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