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Remember When – Episode 69


Batman and the Chocolate Factory

Hello again! You’ve probably been wondering about us, and where we’ve been. It’s a long story that involved job changes, geographical moves, and general life circumstances. But let’s skip the details and get right into the goodness. Remember When is back on the air!

We should warn you though… this may be the most Superhero-y episode we’ve ever done! The last few months seem like they’ve been filled with nothing but comic book movies and trailers.

Our starting topic is Batman vs. Superman vs. Your Better Judgment. This trainwreck of DC’s has a lot to be ashamed about and boy, do we talk about that shame. We also cover the follow-up, Suicide Squad, which…. well, we don’t want to spoil EVERYTHING in the write-up.

Then we jump into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and look back at Civil War. It’s the Avengers 2 you deserved.

And while we’re on the topic of superheroes, Jay mentions that he’s all caught up on the Marvel Netflix shows. And boy, does he have some words!

In the middle of all this, we’ve got talk about the Rogue One trailers, the worries over Guardians 2 and Dr. Strange, the hope for DC’s salvation, and what’s coming up in the weeks ahead.
That’s right. Weeks. Not years. ūüėČ

Our show continues to exist because of your support. We say that every time, but it’s true. In fact, it was feedback from fans that helped make this show happen. You can talk to us between shows by emailing us or¬†stopping by¬†our Facebook page.

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Remember When – Episode 51


The Line Cutter Rises

When you take a man and turn him into an idea, he becomes a legend. ¬†When you take a movie franchise and turn it into a legend, it ends up generating one of the most epic podcasts of all time. ¬†And after much anticipation on everyone’s parts (including our own!), we’re pleased to present our dedicated podcast for The Dark Knight Rises.

Recorded on the same day we both saw Christopher Nolan’s cap on the Batman trilogy, we sit down with fresh memories of the movie and talk about what we loved, how so many of the ideas and concepts in the movie were beautiful constructed over the course of the three movies, and how The Dark Knight Rises managed to provide some serious pay-off.

We look back at our original skepticism on Anne Hathaway’s casting as Selina Kyle and laugh at how foolish we were. ¬†Then we look back at Joseph Gordon Levitt’s casting and find ourselves a little puzzled. ¬†Jay admits to having some problems with the ending, we look at some of the parts that don’t add up…

But through it all, we cap off a legacy with a detailed look at why The Dark Knight Rises is such a brilliant, spectacular piece of cinema. ¬†And while it’s certainly not the perfection piece that The Dark Knight was, we can certainly agree that TDKR is what it needs to be… one of the best endings in any trilogy in a long, long time.

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