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Remember When – Episode 63


Days of Star Wars Past

We’ve unofficially dubbed May as “The Month of Marvel” and to celebrate, we have a brand new podcast. Don’t call it a regular release, or you might jinx us!

Parris and Jay spend a few minutes catching up. We talk about the recent Episode VII announcements, and Parris cycles back on the recently rebooted Robocop.

Godzilla’s recent arrival in theaters piqued Parris’ curiousity and we talk about the latest take on a classic franchise. Thankfully, it’s nowhere near as bad as the Matthew Broderick era.

Then we hit the meat & potatoes of our show: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past. After a release like Captain America: The Winter Solder, Sony and Fox have a lot of competition in the Marvel universe. And we’re here to tell you why Spidey is already in need of another reboot, and why we liked Days of Future Past.

But that’s not all! Parris actually managed to watch the entirety of GI Joe: Retaliation. We can only assume that some kind of hypnosis was in effect because WOW… that movie is a train wreck. And speaking of train wrecks, Transformers 4 is looking like it’s going to live up to the standards of Transformers 3! Which is to say, the trailers look terrible. I mean really, Optimus Prime riding Grimlock? Yeesh.

Lastly, we wrap up with some talk on TV’s worst year in a long time, and a look back at Mad Men.

And if you’re waiting for a return to “Great Movies Jay Has Never Seen”, listen in at the end! We announce the movie selection for our next episode.

Our show exists because of YOU, our listeners!  Your positive comments, encouraging feedback, and multiple email messages asking if we’re dead are what help keep the show going.  If you like Remember When, PLEASE let us know by joining our Facebook page and leaving a comment, or talking to us on Twitter at @rwpodcast.

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Time Stamps:

0:00 to 13:50 – Catch-up, Episode VII, Robocop 2014 (spoilers)

13:50 to 19:30 – Godzilla (mild spoilers)

19:30 to 36:02 – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (spoilers as a public service)

36:02 to 53:14 – X-Men: Days of Future Past (spoilers all X-Men movies)

53:14 to 1:05:38 – GI Joe: Retaliation, Transformers 4, Jem & The Holograms

1:05:38 to End – TV’s Worst Year, the pick for our next Great Movies Jay Has Never Seen, Wrap-up

Remember When – Episode 60



What a fitting moment for the Remember When podcast! We’re celebrating the end of Breaking Bad by offering our first full-length show that we recorded face to face… just Parris, Jay, and a microphone. It’s like you’re a fly on the wall of our regular conversations!

The entirety of episode 60 is devoted to the end of Breaking Bad. The final season was filled with ups and downs (mostly ups) and we’re here to catalog them in full. We talk about the pinnacle moments in the final hours of Heisenberg and why Ozymandias is going to be looked back on as one of the greatest episodes ever created for TV. We also talk about why the last two episodes feel a little “off” compared to the rest of the season, and how the series finale wraps up so many of the dangling plot threads.

Because there’s just so much when it comes to the Breaking Bad finale, we spend our entire episode talking about the show. If you haven’t caught up, go do it right now! Otherwise, we’re going to spoil all the goodness for you.

As always, thank you to our fans for your continued support of our show. We continue to do the show because of all the wonderful feedback we get. Our fans’ passion drives us! If you’d like to reach us, give us a ring at 714-758-5027 (you can call or text)! Or if you don’t want to hear the sounds of our voices, you can click through to our Facebook page or say hi to us on Twitter.

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