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Remember When – Episode 58


The Last Bluth of Krypton

And now the story of omnipotent aliens who lost everything, and the two podcast hosts who had no choice but to watch their respective movies and see if they could keep it together.

We start off the show with a look back at Star Trek Into Darkness.  While our anticipation for the movie ran high, the final product proved to have a few holes.  Our spoiler-filled chat on the Final Frontier talks about the gross underutilization of Benedict Cumberbatch, the way they’ve mangled the story of some of the characters, where the story hit its all time high, and just a few of the ways the movie pays tribute to the original timeline.

Then we jump in, feet first, to our Man of Steel discussion.  Remember back in Episode 8 when we talked about what it would take for Superman to be relevant and interesting to current movie audiences?  It seems like Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan might have been listening in to our show that week, because Man of Steel feels like a line-by-line interpretation of so many of our ideas.  We gush about the updated approach to the movie, lament the property losses, and talk about how much we love Man of Steel almost in spite of itself.

Jay’s been binge watching an old TV show, and we look back at the Bluth empire and its mighty fall.

Then it’s a quick sideways tangent into the current landscape of TV, with brief chats on Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Breaking Bad, and the finale of The Office.

There’s lots of stuff in this episode, all crammed into a 75 minute window!

As always, thank you to our fans for your continued support of our show. We continue to do the show because of all the wonderful feedback we get. Our fans’ passion drives us! If you’d like to reach us, give us a ring at 714-758-5027 (you can call or text)! Or if you don’t want to hear the sounds of our voices, you can click through to our Facebook page or say hi to us on Twitter.

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0:00 to 18:15 – Intro, Star Trek Into Darkness discussions (spoilers for the whole movie as well as the original Abrams release)

18:15 to 47:00 – Man of Steel (spoilers for MoS, Superman Returns, and the entire Christopher Reeve saga)

47:00 to 1:00:00 – It’s Jay’s Arrested Development (spoilers on everything EXCEPT the finale of Season 4)

1:00:00 to End – TV chat about Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, The Office, and Orphan Black (minor spoilers for Mad Men)

Remember When – Episode 51


The Line Cutter Rises

When you take a man and turn him into an idea, he becomes a legend.  When you take a movie franchise and turn it into a legend, it ends up generating one of the most epic podcasts of all time.  And after much anticipation on everyone’s parts (including our own!), we’re pleased to present our dedicated podcast for The Dark Knight Rises.

Recorded on the same day we both saw Christopher Nolan’s cap on the Batman trilogy, we sit down with fresh memories of the movie and talk about what we loved, how so many of the ideas and concepts in the movie were beautiful constructed over the course of the three movies, and how The Dark Knight Rises managed to provide some serious pay-off.

We look back at our original skepticism on Anne Hathaway’s casting as Selina Kyle and laugh at how foolish we were.  Then we look back at Joseph Gordon Levitt’s casting and find ourselves a little puzzled.  Jay admits to having some problems with the ending, we look at some of the parts that don’t add up…

But through it all, we cap off a legacy with a detailed look at why The Dark Knight Rises is such a brilliant, spectacular piece of cinema.  And while it’s certainly not the perfection piece that The Dark Knight was, we can certainly agree that TDKR is what it needs to be… one of the best endings in any trilogy in a long, long time.

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What’s in store for Remember When #37


Wondering what’s in store for you in our next episode?  Well, we’re proud to announce the full roster of topics for Episode 37 of the Remember When podcast.

If you listened to our Firefly & Serenity show earlier this week (and you really should… it’s one of our favorite topics), then you probably already know that we’re going to be covering Inception.  The latest film from Christopher Nolan is due out next week, and if the 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (as of this writing) is any indication, we’re in for another intense adventure akin to our experience with The Dark Knight.

Tangent:  If you haven’t already, we urge you to avoid any upcoming reviews and information about this movie.  Go into it clean, with no expectations.  Sure, it’s tough, but we’ve both been told that the less you know about this movie, the better.

But back on track, we’re also pleased to announce that episode 37 will also include a brand new entry in Great Movies Jay Has Never Seen.  To counteract the heavy narrative of Christopher Nolan, we’re jumping back to the romantic comedies of the 1980’s.   I’ll be sitting down and watching Some Kind of Wonderful, a late 80’s film from legendary director John Hughes.  That’s right, I’ve never seen it.  Parris is a fan though.  And really, how can you go wrong with Lea Thompson?

(OK, good point.  I forgot about “Back to the Future II” for a second there).

We can’t give you a recording date for the live show just yet, but naturally, it’ll happen sometime after Inception comes out on the 16th.

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