TRON Legacy isn’t Shakespeare.

The reviews for the latest take on the legacy of Flynn and his electronic grid are less than kind.  Reading some of them, you’d expect this movie to be on par with one of the worst movies ever.  Even my companion to the midnight launch last night compared the movie’s suckitude to The Matrix Revolutions, a declaration which kind of surprised me.

So let me just say, TRON Legacy isn’t Shakespeare.  It’s not a Movie of the Year contender.  Instead, it’s just fun.

If you go into the movie only expecting a 2 hour piece of entertainment, you’ll probably walk out very happy.  That’s how I approached the movie, and I left the theater pleased.  TRON Legacy is fun.  It’s loud, it’s shiny, and it’s one of the best uses of your movie theater’s subwoofer since the Inception soundtrack.  The writing isn’t the best, and the acting has some issues.

TRON Legacy is like the Michael Bay film for geeks.  The explosions are big and beautiful, the sound effects are well crafted, the set work will impress you, and the special effects are a work of art.  Daft Punk’s soundtrack is like sex for your ears. I’d even go so far as to say that TRON Legacy is one of the best uses of 3D in a while.  And although the script work is questionable at best, the writers at least deserve credit for ditching the PC acronyms as character names.

It’s not perfect and it has its problems, CLU being the biggest of them.  I also think the trailers have painted a terrible picture of Legacy being this massively epic sci-fi piece on a similar scale as The Matrix, which is a woefully inaccurate comparison and an unattainable bar for any movie.

If you’re a TRON fan, you’ll see lots of background references to the original film (Space Paranoids, anyone?).  If you’ve never seen the original, go see Legacy anyway, because it gives you a great synopsis of the events from its predecesor.  But whoever you are, if you go see Legacy, just go with a good time in mind, and make no heavy demands of it. You’ll probably find the right level of entertainment. Then again, I’m the guy who liked The A-Team. 😉

Oh, and biggest surprise of the night?  I kinda loved the trailer for Cars 2.  No joke.