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Remember When – Episode 68


The Podcast Awakens

The wait is over, and it has finally arrived. Episode VII is now in theaters, and we’re dusting off the microphones to give you an early Christmas present!

Our entire episode show is nearly 90 minutes long, and it focuses exclusively on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Be warned: This show is one of the most spoiler-filled romps you’ve ever experienced.

With two separate screenings under each of our respective belts, we’ve each walked away with different perspectives. This show is a deep dive into EVERYTHING related to The Force Awakens… the strengths and weaknesses of the new characters, the problems inherent with bringing back an old cast, where the new movie falls flat, and what it gets right.

It’s a passionate discussion. The two of us end up on opposite sides of the Like/Dislike scale in quite a few areas, even in a few spots you might not expect.

Get ready. Get comfortable. We’re about to tell you everything we think and feel about the “revival” of the Star Wars franchise. And it’s gonna be amazing.

As always, we’re grateful to our fans for your support and patience. We do this because of you! You can talk to us between shows by emailing us or stopping by our Facebook page.

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Remember When – Episode 55


Super Goonies 8

Yes, it’s been a while.  But if it helps, WE MISSED YOU TOO!  And that’s why we’re back with Episode 55 of Remember When.  After a slight, minor, tiny delay due to Real Life, we’ve dusted off our microphones and come back for a fun and spirited conversation!

We kick off the show with a chat about Super 8.  This J.J. Abrams helmed adventure seeks to capture the spirit of Steven Spielberg and The Goonies by taking us back to the era of the late 70’s … but peters out near the end.  We talk about the successes and failures of the movie, and sidetrack into whether or not J.J. Abrams is really as great as Hollywood seems to think he is.

Then we sidestep our way into The Goonies, a timeless piece of 80’s pop culture.  A seminal work from our youth, this film ages like fine wine or good cheese.  In fact, it’s better to say it ages like Karen Allen (listen to the show… you’ll get this joke later)

And since we’re on a J.J. Abrams themed show, we talk about the news of his helming Episode VII, and what we think this means for the future of the Star Wars franchise.  Can our childhood memories be resurrected from the cruel, tortured world of the prequels?  Will we be able to feel proud for this sci-fi epic once again?  And how much lens flare can you fit into a single space epic?

We look ahead at the summer movie season.. there’s a LOT of stuff ahead (like Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Man of Steel) and a lot of stuff that has us worried (like Man of Steel and Kick-Ass 2).

And TV is in a WILD place right now! From the success of House of Cards to the general failure of pretty much every one of the major TV networks, it’s like we’re back in the wild wild west of content programming.

As always, thank you to our fans for your patience and understanding as the duties of both of our Real Lives come up! We’ve missed you and thank you so much for your words of support these past few months. If you’d like to reach us, give us a ring at 714-758-5027 (you can call or text)! Or if you don’t want to hear the sounds of our voices, you can click through to our Facebook page or say hi to us on Twitter.

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0:00 to 4:22 – Intro

4:22 to 15:37 – Super 8 discussion (we basically spoil the CRAP out of the movie) and some tangenting about J.J. Abrams

15:37 to 31:31 – The Goonies discussion, with backtrack to Super 8 (More spoilers… we wreck the ending of both)

31:31 to 48:04 – J.J. Abrams taking over Star Wars… how do we feel? (plus talk of the casting rumors, side movies, and more)

48:04 to 52:15 – Sidetrack to Bryan Singer and the new X-Men casting news, Kick-Ass 2, Doctor Who, Sherlock (just a feather dusting of spoilers, nothing important)

52:15 to 56:02 – Summer movies and what we’re looking forward to (includes chatter on Man of Steel’s trailer)

56:02 to 1:02:28 – The Hobbit (mild spoilers)

1:02:28 to End – Chitchat on The Americans, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and the network TV issues… plus House of Cards!

Remember When – Episode 54


Revenge of the Colt 45

A displacement of geographic proportions left our podcast in an unintended hiatus.  Now that Jay’s moved across the country and settled into his new digs, we’re back behind the mics and getting back into our old routine.

Episode 54 drops us at the end of our Star Wars trilogy series, where we sit and take a look at 1983’s Return of the Jedi.  The final installment of the Original Trilogy is a controversial piece, to say the least, but a renewed look at the movie brings a few surprises.  We talk about the Return of the Jedi that might have been (Han dies before the first half of the movie?) and the Return of the Jedi that will never be again (Hayden Christensen’s Ghost… need we say more?).  You don’t even have to be an Ewok lover to find something to agree with us with in this show… we run the gamut of opinions and have a lot to talk about.

And the timing of our episode couldn’t have come at a better time!  Between the news of the Disney buyout of LucasFilm and the announcement of Episodes VII through IX, there’s a whole slew of new stuff for us to offer up our opinion on.  We’re going to tell you why you don’t REALLY want to see the original cast in the new movie, why it’s a terrible idea to film the Heir to the Empire trilogy in this day and age, and what it’s going to take for the new movies to be successful.

We cap off the show with a look at the road ahead for movies and our current landscape of TV.  The new Star Trek teaser certainly teased, the poster for Man of Steel has us intrigued, and Homeland’s looking pretty solid.

As always, thank you to our fans for your patience and understanding.  We appreciate it as the Universe is taking us in new and exciting directions in our personal lives!  If you’d like to reach us, give us a ring at 714-758-5027 (you can call or text)! Or if you don’t want to hear the sounds of our voices, you can click through to our Facebook page or say hi to us on Twitter.

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0:00 to 5:01 – Intro

5:01 to 43:57 – Return of the Jedi (spoiler filled discussion)

43:57 to 1:06:43 – The future of Star Wars

1:06:43 to End – Star Trek teaser (some mild spoilers), the Man of Steel, Homeland

Remember When – Episode 47


Bring My Shuttle!

Remember When is pleased to present a seminal moment in our show roster. After many episodes of hinting and an unintentional delay of a few months, Parris and Jay are pleased to bring you their unabashed and honest conversation about The Empire Strikes Back.

This entire episode is dedicated to our discussion of Irvin Kershner’s masterpiece film, and we take a look back at how this movie impacted us in the 80’s, how the storyline has changed with us over time, and the new and interesting ways we’ve viewed the movie at different points in our respective lives. We give an honest look at the perceived ‘perfection’ of Empire Strikes Back amongst Star Wars fans and how, in some ways, Episode V is still setting a bar for other Science Fiction films in our modern time.

We go into our separate beliefs on the Special Edition-ization of Empire and, believe it or not, there are actually updates in the SE that we found both worthy and enjoyable! There’s chat about ‘the big twist’ at the end of the movie, how it was originally scripted, and what it would have meant had the original script been fulfilled. Imagine, if you will, an alternate universe in which Return of the Jedi was 2 full hours of awesomeness….. ah, what a dream.

And speaking of Ewoks, we’ll be back with our Jedi podcast soon, but plan to bring you an Avengers-filled extravanganza for our next show.

Although we say it many times in many ways, our shows exists and thrives because we have so many wonderful fans who support us and share in our enthusiasm. We do this show for you as much as we do it for ourselves, and we continue to thank all of you who tell your friends, family, and loved ones about Remember When.

To keep in touch with us between shows, you can find us on Twitter, on Facebook, and of course, on the web page you’re viewing right now. Thanks, and enjoy the show!

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