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Remember When – Episode 69


Batman and the Chocolate Factory

Hello again! You’ve probably been wondering about us, and where we’ve been. It’s a long story that involved job changes, geographical moves, and general life circumstances. But let’s skip the details and get right into the goodness. Remember When is back on the air!

We should warn you though… this may be the most Superhero-y episode we’ve ever done! The last few months seem like they’ve been filled with nothing but comic book movies and trailers.

Our starting topic is Batman vs. Superman vs. Your Better Judgment. This trainwreck of DC’s has a lot to be ashamed about and boy, do we talk about that shame. We also cover the follow-up, Suicide Squad, which…. well, we don’t want to spoil EVERYTHING in the write-up.

Then we jump into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and look back at Civil War. It’s the Avengers 2 you deserved.

And while we’re on the topic of superheroes, Jay mentions that he’s all caught up on the Marvel Netflix shows. And boy, does he have some words!

In the middle of all this, we’ve got talk about the Rogue One trailers, the worries over Guardians 2 and Dr. Strange, the hope for DC’s salvation, and what’s coming up in the weeks ahead.
That’s right. Weeks. Not years. ūüėČ

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Remember When – Episode 64


Planes, Thrones, and Groot

Oh hai! ¬†We’re back, and we have so much good stuff for you. ¬†Episode 64 starts off with a trip down memory lane as we journey through another Great Movie Jay Has Never Seen. ¬† Planes, Trains, and Automobiles may not be the hallmark moment in the careers of John Candy and Steve Martin, but it’s certainly one of the movies that leaves a lasting impression!

With fresh eyes, Jay talks about his journey through this unique road trip flick and how it gave him a new appreciation for some of the comedic elements of these two actors.

After the appetizer, we deliver the main course of this episode… Guardians of the Galaxy! ¬†And almost a year after we started to see the first bits of this movie, we’re happy to report that Guardians has (mostly) exceeded our expectations. ¬†We’re giving you a lengthy look at Marvel’s latest piece in Phase 2. ¬†It feels like Firefly! ¬† GROOT! ¬†Chris Pratt is unstoppable, and holy cow, that voice acting from Bradley Cooper. ¬†Also, GROOT! ¬†But it’s not without its flaws, and we’re happy to talk about those at length too. ¬†Jay talks about the biggest hiccup for him, and Parris forecasts¬†the next 10 years of Marvel movies.

But it doesn’t end there! ¬†Now that Marvel is doing SO well, it brings a Stark light (see what we did there?) onto the DC Universe. ¬†With such a rich set of characters and fun stuff, how can they be failing so hard? ¬†We give some honest feedback on their underperformance at this year’s Comic-Con and why DC needs to step up their game.

And as our show ends, Jay delivers a proposition that leaves Parris stunned. ¬†It’s the great Hulking of 2014. ¬†You won’t want to miss this, because it’s about to get … chilly…

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Time Stamps:

0:00 to 19:28¬†–¬†Starting up,¬†and this week’s Great Movie Jay Has Never Seen

19:28 to 29:23¬†–¬†Our farewell to Robin Williams

29:23¬†to 1:11:43¬†–¬†Guardians of the Galaxy (spoilers on this, other recent Marvel movies, and mentions of DC Universe. ¬†Also, I am Groot). ¬†Various bits of minutia about TV shows, too!

1:11:43 to end¬†–¬†The Great Hulking of 2014 (super mild spoilers, but they’re from a few years ago)

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