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Remember When – Episode 61


Days of Matrix Past

The bi-annual release of Remember When is finally available!  

We don’t waste any time getting started with this show, and jump right into the good stuff!  Our Robocop discussion is ALMOST IMMEDIATELY shanghai’ed by a tangent into the first teaser for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and our discussion on it.

Then we jump back and look at House of Cards (with a TON of spoilers).  How did the end of Season 2 fare, and what are our fears moving into a third season after this most recent story arc?  We also play the “I need an adult” card as we chat about the intense, shocking events in Chapter 24.

Jay surprises everyone with a chat about the first two seasons of Archer, and some Game of Thrones talk.  YES WE TALK GAME OF THRONES (but not as deep as you might like)

Then we talk about the Marvel multi-verse, and our thoughts on the upcoming launches of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, as well as conversations about the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.  With three separate studios vying for their own claim in the Marvel world, can reboots be far behind?

Speaking of reboots, how about that news on the possible Matrix reboot?  Is it time for us to look at that as a viable option?

And Jay, bless his heart, confesses that Parris was right about one of the recent Great Movies Jay Has Never Seen.

There are tangents, tangents galore here.  How many tangents?  There are so many that we can’t even time stamp things.  It’s ridiculous.  Bring a neck brace before listening to the show!

Our show exists because of YOU, our listeners!  Your positive comments, encouraging feedback, and multiple email messages asking if we’re dead are what help keep the show going.  If you like Remember When, PLEASE let us know by joining our Facebook page and leaving a comment, or talking to us on Twitter at @rwpodcast.

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Remember When – Episode 59


Orange is the New Meth

Back so soon?”, you ask? Indeed! Remember When is forgoing its usual three month waiting period between episodes with brand new content. As one of our Twitter friends put it: In Parris and Jay time, it’s only been 1 week since the last show!

And in the world of entertainment, a lot has changed in the last seven weeks! Netflix has gone from being the place where you watch reruns of Star Trek Voyager to a major powerhouse with Emmy nominations and some of the best shows on TV.

We spend the early part of the episode loving on Orange is the New Black. This new show from the creator of Weeds is arguably one of the best shows you can watch right now, and is almost certain to be a frontrunner in the 2014 Emmy season. We talk about how we each independently watched the series, then almost immediately watched it a second time, because it’s just SO good!

Once that was done, Jay sat down with the first season of House of Cards to see what the Emmy voters got all worked up about this year, and Parris gets a well deserved “I told you so”.  We get philosophical as we chat about the ways Netflix content delivery beats every single avenue of traditional TV networks, how the Netflix model makes sense in an On Demand society, and why binge watching may be a problem in a long term perspective.

AND OMG BREAKING BAD IS BACK! Walter White and Jesse Pinkman grace our TV screens once again, and we can’t wait to talk about the powerhouse of a season opener. Remember to tread lightly here… tons of spoilers.

We end the show with a look back at the disappointing movies that capped out our summer season, and a look forward at what’s in store for 2014 and 2015.

As always, thank you to our fans for your continued support of our show. We continue to do the show because of all the wonderful feedback we get. Our fans’ passion drives us! If you’d like to reach us, give us a ring at 714-758-5027 (you can call or text)! Or if you don’t want to hear the sounds of our voices, you can click through to our Facebook page or say hi to us on Twitter.

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0:00 to 19:52 – Intro, Orange is the New Black (all spoilers)

19:52 to 31:40 – House of Cards (all spoilers)

31:40 to 54:44 – Breaking Bad (spoilers through the S6 premiere)

54:44 to End – 2013 Summer Movies

Remember When – Episode 55


Super Goonies 8

Yes, it’s been a while.  But if it helps, WE MISSED YOU TOO!  And that’s why we’re back with Episode 55 of Remember When.  After a slight, minor, tiny delay due to Real Life, we’ve dusted off our microphones and come back for a fun and spirited conversation!

We kick off the show with a chat about Super 8.  This J.J. Abrams helmed adventure seeks to capture the spirit of Steven Spielberg and The Goonies by taking us back to the era of the late 70’s … but peters out near the end.  We talk about the successes and failures of the movie, and sidetrack into whether or not J.J. Abrams is really as great as Hollywood seems to think he is.

Then we sidestep our way into The Goonies, a timeless piece of 80’s pop culture.  A seminal work from our youth, this film ages like fine wine or good cheese.  In fact, it’s better to say it ages like Karen Allen (listen to the show… you’ll get this joke later)

And since we’re on a J.J. Abrams themed show, we talk about the news of his helming Episode VII, and what we think this means for the future of the Star Wars franchise.  Can our childhood memories be resurrected from the cruel, tortured world of the prequels?  Will we be able to feel proud for this sci-fi epic once again?  And how much lens flare can you fit into a single space epic?

We look ahead at the summer movie season.. there’s a LOT of stuff ahead (like Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Man of Steel) and a lot of stuff that has us worried (like Man of Steel and Kick-Ass 2).

And TV is in a WILD place right now! From the success of House of Cards to the general failure of pretty much every one of the major TV networks, it’s like we’re back in the wild wild west of content programming.

As always, thank you to our fans for your patience and understanding as the duties of both of our Real Lives come up! We’ve missed you and thank you so much for your words of support these past few months. If you’d like to reach us, give us a ring at 714-758-5027 (you can call or text)! Or if you don’t want to hear the sounds of our voices, you can click through to our Facebook page or say hi to us on Twitter.

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0:00 to 4:22 – Intro

4:22 to 15:37 – Super 8 discussion (we basically spoil the CRAP out of the movie) and some tangenting about J.J. Abrams

15:37 to 31:31 – The Goonies discussion, with backtrack to Super 8 (More spoilers… we wreck the ending of both)

31:31 to 48:04 – J.J. Abrams taking over Star Wars… how do we feel? (plus talk of the casting rumors, side movies, and more)

48:04 to 52:15 – Sidetrack to Bryan Singer and the new X-Men casting news, Kick-Ass 2, Doctor Who, Sherlock (just a feather dusting of spoilers, nothing important)

52:15 to 56:02 – Summer movies and what we’re looking forward to (includes chatter on Man of Steel’s trailer)

56:02 to 1:02:28 – The Hobbit (mild spoilers)

1:02:28 to End – Chitchat on The Americans, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and the network TV issues… plus House of Cards!

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