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Remember When Episode 37


You’ve been living in a dream world

Put on your pajamas and grab a cup of warm milk, because Episode 37 of Remember When is about to take you into the world of dreams.

We kick off our show with our latest “Great Movie Jay Has Never Seen”, discussing the 1980’s camp film “Dreamscape”.  It’s been a quarter of a century since the movie was released in theaters, and Dennis Quaid’s hair has certainly improved since then.  But whether or not Jay’s going to be able to appreciate this piece of nostalgia after all this time is questionable.  Listen in as he talks about the bad decision he made with the movie, as well as why he’s not kicking himself over it.

Then we dive into the Dream Within A Dream, talking about Christopher Nolan’s latest cinematic release, “Inception”.  Written and directed from the muse behind The Dark Knight and Memento, this film has critics raving and audiences walking out of their theaters in wonder.  We sit and offer our opinions on the film, offer our opinion on the ending (and why its various interpretations help the film achieve its brilliance), and rave about the newfound appreciation we have for Tom Hardy.  We also talk about what we think was lacking in the film, and how a second viewing should be mandatory for anyone seeing it.

Finally, we wrap up the show with some talk about our TV viewing habits of late, our thoughts on True Blood… and could a hulking be in the mix?

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What’s in store for Remember When #37


Wondering what’s in store for you in our next episode?  Well, we’re proud to announce the full roster of topics for Episode 37 of the Remember When podcast.

If you listened to our Firefly & Serenity show earlier this week (and you really should… it’s one of our favorite topics), then you probably already know that we’re going to be covering Inception.  The latest film from Christopher Nolan is due out next week, and if the 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (as of this writing) is any indication, we’re in for another intense adventure akin to our experience with The Dark Knight.

Tangent:  If you haven’t already, we urge you to avoid any upcoming reviews and information about this movie.  Go into it clean, with no expectations.  Sure, it’s tough, but we’ve both been told that the less you know about this movie, the better.

But back on track, we’re also pleased to announce that episode 37 will also include a brand new entry in Great Movies Jay Has Never Seen.  To counteract the heavy narrative of Christopher Nolan, we’re jumping back to the romantic comedies of the 1980’s.   I’ll be sitting down and watching Some Kind of Wonderful, a late 80’s film from legendary director John Hughes.  That’s right, I’ve never seen it.  Parris is a fan though.  And really, how can you go wrong with Lea Thompson?

(OK, good point.  I forgot about “Back to the Future II” for a second there).

We can’t give you a recording date for the live show just yet, but naturally, it’ll happen sometime after Inception comes out on the 16th.

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