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Remember When – Episode 69


Batman and the Chocolate Factory

Hello again! You’ve probably been wondering about us, and where we’ve been. It’s a long story that involved job changes, geographical moves, and general life circumstances. But let’s skip the details and get right into the goodness. Remember When is back on the air!

We should warn you though… this may be the most Superhero-y episode we’ve ever done! The last few months seem like they’ve been filled with nothing but comic book movies and trailers.

Our starting topic is Batman vs. Superman vs. Your Better Judgment. This trainwreck of DC’s has a lot to be ashamed about and boy, do we talk about that shame. We also cover the follow-up, Suicide Squad, which…. well, we don’t want to spoil EVERYTHING in the write-up.

Then we jump into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and look back at Civil War. It’s the Avengers 2 you deserved.

And while we’re on the topic of superheroes, Jay mentions that he’s all caught up on the Marvel Netflix shows. And boy, does he have some words!

In the middle of all this, we’ve got talk about the Rogue One trailers, the worries over Guardians 2 and Dr. Strange, the hope for DC’s salvation, and what’s coming up in the weeks ahead.
That’s right. Weeks. Not years. ūüėČ

Our show continues to exist because of your support. We say that every time, but it’s true. In fact, it was feedback from fans that helped make this show happen. You can talk to us between shows by emailing us or¬†stopping by¬†our Facebook page.

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Remember When – Episode 59


Orange is the New Meth

Back so soon?”, you ask? Indeed! Remember When is forgoing its usual three month waiting period between episodes with brand new content. As one of our Twitter friends put it: In Parris and Jay time, it’s only been 1 week since the last show!

And in the world of entertainment, a lot has changed in the last seven weeks! Netflix has gone from being the place where you watch reruns of Star Trek Voyager to a major powerhouse with Emmy nominations and some of the best shows on TV.

We spend the early part of the episode loving on Orange is the New Black. This new show from the creator of Weeds is arguably one of the best shows you can watch right now, and is almost certain to be a frontrunner in the 2014 Emmy season. We talk about how we each independently watched the series, then almost immediately watched it a second time, because it’s just SO good!

Once that was done, Jay sat down with the first season of House of Cards to see what the Emmy voters got all worked up about this year, and Parris gets a well deserved “I told you so”. ¬†We get philosophical as we chat about the ways Netflix content delivery beats every single avenue of traditional TV networks, how the Netflix model makes sense in an On Demand society, and why binge watching may be a problem in a long term perspective.

AND OMG BREAKING BAD IS BACK! Walter White and Jesse Pinkman grace our TV screens once again, and we can’t wait to talk about the powerhouse of a season opener. Remember to tread lightly here… tons of spoilers.

We end the show with a look back at the disappointing movies that capped out our summer season, and a look forward at what’s in store for 2014 and 2015.

As always, thank you to our fans for your continued support of our show. We continue to do the show because of all the wonderful feedback we get. Our fans’ passion drives us!¬†If you’d like to reach us, give us a ring at 714-758-5027 (you can call or text)! Or if you don’t want to hear the sounds of our voices, you can click through to our Facebook page¬†or¬†say hi to us on Twitter.

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0:00 to 19:52 – Intro, Orange is the New Black (all spoilers)

19:52 to 31:40 – House of Cards (all spoilers)

31:40 to 54:44 – Breaking Bad (spoilers through the S6 premiere)

54:44 to End – 2013 Summer Movies

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