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Remember When – Episode 57


Iron Patriot Games

Look!  Up in the Sky!  It’s a bird… it’s a plane… IT BIRD PLANE!   Meanwhile, back on the ground, a brand new episode of Remember When is available for your auditory enjoyment.

Iron Man 3 hit theaters last week, and both of us have strong opinions on the first volley in Marvel’s Phase 2 initiative.  We converse about what it’s like coming off of The Avengers and how Iron Man 3 fails in that regard, what the movie does to be better than its atrocious successor in the Iron Man series, and how Robert Downey Jr. might be getting too old for this s**t.

Then we slide our way into talk about the most recent trailers for Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel.  The former is just hours from release and we can’t wait to sink our fanboy teeth into this piece of cinematic goodness!  The latter is looking more and more promising.  And somehow, as we’re talking, we manage to find ourselves talking about an alternate universe where the Beatles reunite and Superman III is never made.

No, that’s not a joke.

Then it’s on to the TV in our lives! Mad Men is letting us down, and Parks & Recreation is on FIRE this season.  Parris encourages Jay to watch Archer, Parris talks about his change in viewing habits, and Jay encourages everyone to listen to The Americans… again.

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0:00 to 37:50 – Intro, Iron Man 3 talk (we basically wreck the movie in terms of spoilers, but also chat about other Marvel movies… hope you’re up to date!)

37:50 to 47:16 – Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel chit-chat (no spoilers, just excitement), fan gushing over Star Wars 3-D, alternate universes galore

47:16 to End – Archer (no spoilers), Mad Men (spoilers up to the most recent episode), Parks & Recreation (super mild conversation), talk about our next episode.

Remember When – Episode 48


We have a Bruce

Parris and Jay, Assemble! The summer movie season has kicked off with a bang and it’s time to jump in feet first.

Our latest episode focuses exclusively on The Avengers, the Joss Whedon extravaganza that unites the recent Marvel movie stars into a single adventure. With a budget that’s estimated at nearly a quarter of a billion dollars, a marketing machine that’s been unstoppable over the past few months, and a huge wave of expectations in the hearts of the fans, The Avengers has a high bar to meet.

We sit down and talk about why Joss Whedon was the absolute perfect person to direct this ensemble film and how the movie is one of the perfect examples of how to treat a cast filled with high profile names. We each talk about who our favorite character in the movie was (we agreed) and who we liked least.

Then we pick through the movie piece by piece, finding some of the narrative elements that didn’t serve the movie and almost seemed cheap compared to the better parts of Avengers, or even the other Marvel films of the past five years. We also talk about why leaving out Ant Man in favor of the others was a great move, some of our favorite dialog moments, and a whole lot more.

Does the movie make a great start to the summer season, and do we really talk about The Avengers for almost 90 minutes? You’ll get one answer in the show notes, and the other by listening in!

Then we jump into our talk on the summer movie trailers. Jay caved and watched The Dark Knight Rises trailer, but his excitement is tempered by caution. Parris is over Spider-Man already but can’t wait for Prometheus. And of course, we talk G.I. Joe 2.

We even find out that Parris missed out on one of the greatest film experiences of the 80’s. Can you guess which one it is?

Remember When is a product of friendship and affection. We love our community and we love movies, and we create this show as our way of sharing that love and appreciation. Thank you as always to our many fans who support us and help us keep this show going. To join us in our conversations between shows, follow us on Twitter, on Facebook, and of course, on the web page you’re viewing right now. Thanks, and enjoy the show!

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Time stamps:

Start to 1:15:00 – The Avengers (chock full o’ spoilers)

1:15:00 to end – Summer movie trailers (lighter spoilers)

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