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Remember When – Episode 49


Ripley and the Black Goo of Doom

They say that in space, no one can hear you scream. But if you’re like either of us, you were probably ecstatic to hear that Ridley Scott would be coming back to his beloved outer space franchise and directing a semi-prequel to Alien. And now that it’s been released, we’re sitting down behind our respective microphones to talk about 2012’s Prometheus.

With a high profile director like Ridley Scott, and a cast that includes such notables as Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, and that girl with the tattoo, you’d probably expect this to be another slam dunk in the roster of Summer Movies, akin to The Avengers in pedigree, scope, and the “Wow” factor.

This podcast takes a look at both Alien (which is now 33 years old… holy cow, we’re old!) and Prometheus. We spoil them both as we talk about how the two tie into each other, what’s missing from the new movie, what opportunities were left untouched, and how certain actors in this movie are just kick-ass beyond belief. When Prometheus works, it’s fantastic. And when it doesn’t….


You just take off and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

It’s a really unique conversation that leaves us in an even more unique landing point after it’s all said and done.

As we do every episode, we’d like to take this opportunity to give thanks to our many fans who encourage us, support us, and share their appreciation for the show. Remember When is a product of love, and we do this because of all the wonderful people in our listenership who share our passions, who agree and disagree with us, and then offer to buy us a drink if we’re ever in their town. Thank you to all of you.

Between shows, we keep up with fans on our Facebook page, through our Twitter account, or on the web at … well… right here!

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Remember When – Episode 48


We have a Bruce

Parris and Jay, Assemble! The summer movie season has kicked off with a bang and it’s time to jump in feet first.

Our latest episode focuses exclusively on The Avengers, the Joss Whedon extravaganza that unites the recent Marvel movie stars into a single adventure. With a budget that’s estimated at nearly a quarter of a billion dollars, a marketing machine that’s been unstoppable over the past few months, and a huge wave of expectations in the hearts of the fans, The Avengers has a high bar to meet.

We sit down and talk about why Joss Whedon was the absolute perfect person to direct this ensemble film and how the movie is one of the perfect examples of how to treat a cast filled with high profile names. We each talk about who our favorite character in the movie was (we agreed) and who we liked least.

Then we pick through the movie piece by piece, finding some of the narrative elements that didn’t serve the movie and almost seemed cheap compared to the better parts of Avengers, or even the other Marvel films of the past five years. We also talk about why leaving out Ant Man in favor of the others was a great move, some of our favorite dialog moments, and a whole lot more.

Does the movie make a great start to the summer season, and do we really talk about The Avengers for almost 90 minutes? You’ll get one answer in the show notes, and the other by listening in!

Then we jump into our talk on the summer movie trailers. Jay caved and watched The Dark Knight Rises trailer, but his excitement is tempered by caution. Parris is over Spider-Man already but can’t wait for Prometheus. And of course, we talk G.I. Joe 2.

We even find out that Parris missed out on one of the greatest film experiences of the 80’s. Can you guess which one it is?

Remember When is a product of friendship and affection. We love our community and we love movies, and we create this show as our way of sharing that love and appreciation. Thank you as always to our many fans who support us and help us keep this show going. To join us in our conversations between shows, follow us on Twitter, on Facebook, and of course, on the web page you’re viewing right now. Thanks, and enjoy the show!

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Time stamps:

Start to 1:15:00 – The Avengers (chock full o’ spoilers)

1:15:00 to end – Summer movie trailers (lighter spoilers)

Remember When – Episode 42


We don’t want you to go, either

It’s the TARDIS’ fault.  She kept us from recording a podcast earlier by trapping us in an alternate dimension.  Thanks to a little Time Lord ingenuity and a paper clip, Remember When is back on course with our long awaited, often discussed Doctor Who episode.

Dedicated entirely to the Man From Gallifrey, Episode 42 talks about Doctor Who as it’s existed in the past 7 years.  We look back at the eras of Eccleston and Tennant and talk about their respective runs, why we love Tennant, and why Eccleston pales in comparison.  Jay and Parris both discuss their respective introductions to the show, and how they came to regard it as they binged on some of the better sci-fi from across the pond.

Covering Series 1 through 4 and the final specials of David Tennant, this podcast is spoiler-laden and covers a wide range of topics.  We look back at the definitive moments when we loved the Doctor, rank the companions in terms of most awesome to least awesome (and hottest to Rose), give each season a score, and talk about what it was like to come into this show.  The joy that is Donna Noble is extolled to no end. After a legacy that’s run nearly half a century long, our only regret is that we wish we’d had more time to talk about Doctor Who.  There are dozens of other topics we’d love to have discussed.

As always, we thank our fans for their continued support and appreciation of the podcast.  If you’d like to leave us feedback, please feel free to give us a shout at our email address, or leave us a voicemail at 206-495-1732 (long distance charges may apply).  You can also join our Facebook group for up-to-the-minute information on our podcast releases, a first look at our upcoming live recording sessions, and to communicate with us and your fellow Remember When fans in between shows.  Check it out at this link.  You can also follow us on Twitter.

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Allons-y! Remember When returns on 4/1 with our Doctor Who episode


No, this isn’t some kind of advanced April Fool’s Day prank.  After being off the air for two months due to the cruelties of having day jobs and families, we’d be terrible people if the first thing out of our mouths was a joke.

It’s finally happening, folks.  After a year’s worth of discussions, multiple episode viewings, and two scheduled attempts that went awry because of real life concerns, we’re incredibly pleased to announce that the Doctor Who episode of Remember When is finally about to happen.

Tomorrow, April 1st, Parris and I will finally be getting behind our respective microphones once again to bring you a brand new episode of Remember When.  Our discussions will cover the Eccleston and Tennant era of Doctor Who.   This will be the first time either of us have discussed our deep thoughts on the show with one another.   That’s right.  For an entire year, Parris and I have avoided talking about what we think about our favorite episodes, which companion we loved the most, or our favorite lines from the show.  If you know the two of us, you’ll know that this is a Herculean feat for us.

We won’t be talking about Torchwood in this show, aside from its brief appearances during the Tennant era.  We’re actually saving up our next episode to dedicate it exclusively to the adventures of Captain Jack and his crew.

Our Doctor Who episode will be recording live at 6pm Pacific tomorrow night, and you can listen in for free at our Ustream channel.  If you can’t make it to the live recording session, the downloadable podcast will hit the RSS feed early next week.  Either way, we hope you enjoy the show.  It’s been in the making for a while, and we’ve got a lot to talk about!

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