I started The Big Bang Theory today.  I’ve had the first season DVD boxed set given to me by a good friend back at Christmas time, and it’s just been sitting in “The Stack” since then.  The recent catch-up of How I Met Your Mother has left me with a gap in my life, a gap of Ha-Ha and Hee-Hee and “Oh-my-god-that’s-terrible”, and I’ve been eager to fill that void.  But with HIMYM still a few months away from returning, and a number of folks suggesting that I start the show, I decided to go ahead and give a look at The Big Bang Theory.



Now, I’m only four episodes in right now, but I’m having a hard time seeing what everyone loves.  So I come to the fans to ask your help.  Does The Big Bang Theory ever get funny?  Because after four episodes, it’s not just “ho-hum”.  It’s downright painful.  Help me out here, Film Tangent members and Remember When listeners, because I’m ready to bail already.  Hit the jump, if you please.