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Remember When – Episode 43


Torchwood Changes Everything

Fresh from the archives of Cardiff, Remember When dusts itself off for a brand new episode.  We’re returning to the Doctor Who-niverse for one more round, with Episode 43 focusing on Torchwood.

Parris and Jay talk about how they were introduced to the show, their impressions of the show’s content during their first viewing, and how the show has held up in our respective opinions since then.  We talk about the good fortune that led us through the muck of Series 1, why we like Series 2 despite its failings, and go into a deep dive on which characters and storylines we enjoyed.  You might be surprised to find that one of us actually even enjoyed Tosh by the end of the show!

We also hold a very deep dive into Children of Earth, the miniseries that served as our last look into the Special Forces branch.  This five episode series came about after a series of budget cuts, casting issues, and story problems, and we each offer commentary on how Children of Earth changed our ever-shaping opinions of Torchwood… for better or worse.

At the end, we have an unscheduled (but welcome) tangent into the state of sitcoms on TV on the current schedule.  Spoilers for Parks & Recreation are pretty heavy, along with a few minor ones for Modern Family, so be warned.  We also talk about our upcoming plans for the Original Trilogy episodes of Star Wars, how we’ll be approaching them, and some of the TLC we’re spreading on those recordings in order to make sure we provide you with some of the best episodes of Remember When.

As always, we thank our fans for their continued support and appreciation of the podcast.  It’s because of your kind words and well wishes that we continue to do this podcast as a labor of love.  If you’d like to leave us feedback, please feel free to give us a shout at our email address, or leave us a voicemail at 206-495-1732 (long distance charges may apply).  You can also join our Facebook group for up-to-the-minute information on our podcast releases, a first look at our upcoming live recording sessions, and to communicate with us and your fellow Remember When fans in between shows.  Check it out at this link.  You can also follow us on Twitter.

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Time stamps:

0:00 to 5:04 – Show intro
5:04 to 33:00 – Series 1 discussion – With Spoilers
33:00 to 53:00 – Series 2 discussion (with a tangent on our preferred Time Travel destination) – With Spoilers
53:00 to 1:28:53 – Children of Earth discussion – With Spoilers
1:28:53 to end – Current TV show discussions – Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, True Blood, Modern Family, The Office, Community (with spoilers for The Office, Modern Family, and Parks & Rec)

Radio silence ends… tomorrow!


After a long, unintended, and unfortunate period without a show, the Remember When podcast returns tomorrow!

We’re kicking off a live show at 1pm Pacific tomorrow afternoon, and we invite you to join us as we record the latest episode in the Remember When lineup. We’ll be covering both seasons of Torchwood, have the long-awaited discussion on Children of Earth, and talk about our hopes for the upcoming Miracle Day miniseries on the Starz network.

We’re hoping to have the final edit of the podcast on our RSS Feed later this week.

If you have some time tomorrow, stop by and say Hello, listen in, and enjoy the show!

Remember When – Episode 39


After an unintentional hiatus due to real life, we’re pleased to bring you the glorious return of the Remember When podcast!

Although we promised you a Doctor Who & Torchwood episode, we’re pushing that off slightly.  At the top of the show, we explain why we’re postponing our venture into the realm of British sci-fi, and why the delay means better things for our listeners.

We spend the rest of Episode 40 talking about our views on other TV shows, both spectacular and spectacularly bad.  First up, we cover the third season of True Blood.  With the series finale airing last month, we look back at the season overall and discuss the elements we loved, the pieces that failed miserably, and what we think needs to be fixed before Alan Ball and the cast and crew start working on the fourth season.

Then we take a long awaited dive into the deep end of Mad Men.  Jay’s finally caught up with the show, and as AMC puts the fourth season to bed, we take a comprehensive look into the first few years of the show, talk about Jay’s experiences with getting invested in this AMC marvel, and Parris’ viewpoints on the complexities of the Draper family, and why they’re so fascinating to watch.  We talk about some of the unsung heroes of the show, our favorite moments, and why this can be a tough sell for new viewers.

We spend the last 30 minutes of the show working our way through the Fall season.  It’s been a lamentable slate of releases over the past few months, with early cancellations and very few stand out shows.  We talk about why this Fall TV season seems like one of the worst in recent history, some of the early standouts for us, and more.  We also discuss the remainder of episodes for Remember When in 2010, and the Big Movies we’re tackling at the start of 2011.

It’s a show filled with loads of tangents, as you’ve come to expect. The audio quality may be slightly off at points.  We apologize for that, and will work to have that fixed for our upcoming Doctor Who episodes.

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Start to 8:45 – Show intro, explanation of Doctor Who & Torchwood delay
8:45 to 16:07 – True Blood Season 3 (filled with spoilers)
16:07 to 23:08 – Recent stinkers on TV, looking back on Heroes and The Shield, as well as some Rubicon chat (almost no spoilers)
23:08 to 48:57 – Mad Men (filled with spoilers through all seasons)
48:57 to 1:22:35 – The Fall TV season (minimal spoilers, though we call them out ahead of time)
1:22:35 to End – Upcoming schedule for Remember When, Toy Story talk, and wrap up

Early details on Remember When – Episode 39


If the image on the right doesn’t give away our show topic for Episode 39, let me entertain you with a few paragraphs of text.

Our next episode of the Remember When podcast will be focused exclusively on Doctor Who and Torchwood.  We may or may not finally get around to talking about “Some Kind of Wonderful”, the latest in Great Movies Jay Has Never Seen.  It’s tough to say.  When it comes to the Last of the Time Lords, there’s just so much content that we hate to distract you with a piddly little John Hughes movie.  There’s sci-fi talk to be had!!

Here’s what we’ll be covering, in full spoiler-y goodness:

– Doctor Who: Series 1 through Series 4 (that’s the “Series 1” from 2005 with Christopher Eccleston)

– The 2009/2010 specials featuring David Tennant

– Torchwood Seasons 1 & 2

– Torchwood: Children of Earth

While we had originally thought to include Series 5, we’ve decided to put that one on the back burner until Parris has time to catch up and get adjusted to the new cast.  Plus, putting some distance between me and Series 5 is a good thing, given my complete distaste for it.  🙂

We’re tentatively planning to record the show late next week, pending clear schedules on both our ends.  But we’re both very excited to finally, after many months, bring you our thoughts on what could arguably be some of the best science fiction on television.

Well, not counting some of the Martha episodes.

So stay tuned kids.  The day you’ve been emailing us about is upon us.  The Man from Gallifrey is about to get his day in the limelight.

Torchwood U.S. gets new subtitle, release date, other cool info


At TCA earlier this week, Starz announced the first details on the U.S. version of Torchwood.

The network confirmed that the show will be called “Torchwood: The New World”, and will start airing during the Summer of 2011.  It’s a ten part miniseries being written and produced by Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner, and is loosely based on the template the pair used in their creation of the Children of Earth miniseries.

The poster you see here was featured prominently at TCA.  As to whether or not Barrowman’s returning for this series, we leave that information in the post-jump write up.  Warning:  If you haven’t watched Children or Earth, stop reading right now.  Past this point, there’s a spoiler about a key plot point in the miniseries.  It also tells you the early details on the storyline for the Starz miniseries.


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