Ever since I saw the first trailer earlier this year, I’ve been really eager to see Tron Legacy.  The initial teaser didn’t do much for me, but seeing the 3D trailer in front of Alice in Wonderland had me practically wetting myself.  I honestly thought Disney had outdone themselves when I saw that.

As it turns out, I was wrong.  The latest trailer manages to be a lot more dark and intense, and for me, it’s turned the anticipation for Tron Legacy from “Oooh, that looks SO good” to something more akin to “OHMIGAWD IS IT HERE YET?!?!?!!!!111oneone”.  This movie looks incredible, and the CG version of younger Jeff Bridges is practically mind blowing, even if the lip syncing is a slight bit off.

Disney looks to have another hit on their hands with Tron Legacy, which is amazing considering that the first film wasn’t a spectacular hit.  Even more interesting, they had Pixar help with the creative process of this film, with both Brad Bird and John Lassiter (among many other Pixar alum) offering a hand with the development of this remake.

We’re planning a major Tron episode for Remember When, due out in very late December.  In Remember When time, that comes out to something along the lines of early January.  I’ve never seen the original Tron before (seriously), so we’ll feature that as a Great Movie Jay Has Never Seen and discuss the original movie from the 80’s, then follow it up with a discussion on this latest piece of flashiness.

Are you interested in the Tron Legacy release?  Let us know your thoughts!